• Maxs. 35years old.
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree, any field (prefer ably majoring in Management).
  • Minimum 3(Three) years experience in the related field is required forth is position.
  • Have a good communication skill, customer services oriented, leadership, planning & organizing, and Teamwork/collaboration.
  • Computer literacy and Proficient in English.
  • Must have knowledge of vehicle.
  • Willing to be located in Sekolah Islam Al Azhar Summarecon Bekasi.

Job Descriptions

  • Assist the operational daily activities in the building management area.
  •  Maintain the effectiveness performance of the out source employees.
  •  Assist the Building Management Manager to ensure effectiveness of building operational activities in the campus.
  • Coordinate and monitor the event scheduling and also customer service (internal andexternal).
  • Ensure excellent operational process and service for all stakeholders.
  • Make annual budget years.
  • Maintain cooperative relations with stakeholders of the building; receives their complaints and makes necessary adjustments in his/her area scope of duties.
  • Supervisory and administration task related to driver.
  • Supervisory and manage clinic & school shuttle.