Our Culture

A building would strong only if have a strong foundation. Same as like a company, A company would be great because one of the basic elements is company have a strong and rooted culture. Based on it, at 2012 Summarecon has declared “IT IS”

(Integrity, Teamwork, Improvement, dan Service Excellence) as Summarecon’s culture.

“IT IS Summarecon” is an essences of employee attitude and noble values from Summarecon’s management that has been exist.

This culture has been written and become a company’s strategy in order to make it everlasting, not fade and inheritable; in order to if peoples interact with Summarecon’s employee so they would know that they’re communicate with Summarecon’s employee because that employe already have a culture which implemented by every Summarecon’s employee.

IT IS Summarecon, Inilah Summarecon.

“IT IS Summarecon” not only an acronym of Integrity, Teamwork, Improvement, and Service Excellence however have a meaning from language, concept, and process too.

From language structure, “IT IS Summarecon” in Bahasa have a meaning as “Inilah Summarecon” which as a clear statement that if the employee didn’t implemented the culture on their daily life, so they’re not yet or wasn’t part of Summarecon.

As a process, IT IS Summarecon is a form of one sequence that interrelated and consecutive. Integrity talks about our self.

Teamwork talks about something wider that is between our self and our working partner. While Improvement talks about continuous improvement and innovation, even it’s about working quality or worker quality. And the last, Service Excellence is on the most outer circle, that is about employee and those who served. In this case it’s towards consumer or towards working partner (internal customer).

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