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Career at Summarecon

With our values : Integrity, Team Work, Improvement, and Service Excellence from 1975, we build a dream to be the Crown Jewel at Indonesia property industry.
From a marsh land, that no one ever think to touch, we develop one of the most affluent residential and commercial areas in Jakarta.
We bring the area to the future. Not only that, over past three decades, we had brings home and business to thousand people and happiness to million more.
So, as company moving forward to reach a brighter future, we keep searching for a future leader to grow with us.

How To Apply

You can sign up first and register with your e-mail. Fullfill your online resume with updated photo until work history. Then, you can apply our vacancies and/or submit your application with your job wishlist.

Work With Us

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Wonderful Career, Wonderful Life

We don't offer job, we offer career. Be apart of our wonderful team.
Work With Us

Work With Us

We invite you to share your dreams with us. You’ll have opportunities to explore and learn new things with the company. We seeks people who are driven to change and optimistic. We invite you to share your dreams with us.
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Our Culture

As a company committed to give social impact on the communities, we focus on enriching our people in conformity with company values and cultures.

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Internship at Summarecon

Summarecon gives you the opportunity to join with us to get the real world of work and learn from the best of our employees.

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How to Apply

For your information, Summarecon always think that recruitment process is a two person sharing each other – just as we must make sure you’re the right person we seek, you need to make sure that Summarecon is the right company for you to grow.

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